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Thank you for visiting the ipms.uk web site. We provide administrative support to new and existing self-employed property managers.

If you are thinking of becoming an individual property manager, and have not already done so, please visit the 'let-by.me' business opportunity web site at let-by.me. The 'let-by.me' web site will give you all the information you need to establish your business. When you are ready to start trading you can register on this web site to make use of the dedicated administrative service we have to offer.

Using our service will save you the cost of renting office space and employing staff. We will deal with all the documentation and paperwork so you will not have to.

Our service will guide you through every stage of the letting and mangement process and complete all the documentation you need. It will explain what needs to be done and why it needs to be done that way to comply with the law for letting property. In this way you learn as you earn. After a few lettings you will feel fully knowledgeable about the letting and mangement process and more confident in your dealings with landlords and tenants.

We will also provide you with your own fully interactive web site which your landlords and tenants will be able to interact with. The web site would save you much time and work. You can choose your colour scheme for your web site and we will also provide you with a default web site header with your company name. Alternatively, if you wish, you can design and upload your on web site header which can also be used on your documents where required.

In addition to above we offer you a free 'virtual office' with 'customer service' staff who your customers can contact by phone and on-line. Your 'virtual office' along with your interactive web site will give you total credibility when dealing with your customers.

If you have been referred to this site from the let-by.me web site and wish to register for the ipms service you can do this by clicking the 'register' button above and completing the registration form.

We would encourage you to read all the pages on this web site so that you can fully appreciate how this service can be of assistance. Just click on the links to the left for more information.

If you know of someonelse who may be interested in becoming a property manager then please refer them to the 'Let-by.me' business opportuinity web site at let-by.me.

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